Over the years I’ve had a bit of a varied work life and range of interests. With studying Graphic Arts while working in Hospitality, becoming a Finished Artist and then moving back into Hospitality to go back to Uni to study Multimedia & Digital Arts and now working as a Web Designer & Front End Developer, Photography has always been a love and a hobby, as has music in all it’s forms.

In recent years the Photography has become something more than a hobby, I’ve been exhibiting a little more, but didn’t quite have a sense of direction with it until recently, maybe in the past year or two.I finally started realising that it is my love of the surreal and strange in the everyday urban & natural landscape and the ability to capture this without any computer editing is what I want to show.

webimageslandscape-160USS Constitution, Boston, MA, USA, July 2014

I now also use this style of photography when I’m shooting live music and events. It’s all about capturing the moment and being able to show the magic of those moments without using any computer editing and only using the technology in my hands to show this.

Below are some shots of events I had the pleasure of working last year. I enjoy working these kinds of nights, being able to share with the world my view of things but also meeting and mixing with new people.

img_4736Myami performing at the Co-Ground 24hr Launch Event

img_6655Philly at the Co-Ground After Party: Hip Hop Hooray, July 2014

img_6579Punter enjoying the show at the Co-Ground After Party: Hip Hop Hooray, July 2014

These events are just the start for me, onwards and upwards from here. If you’d like to see more of my music & event photography follow the link below. If you’d like me to work an event or gig hit me up!

Gen Engelhardt Photography Live Music & Events Photography