Always looking for the small things in a city, and enjoying the fight between the natural and urban world I’ve become a photographer that isn’t necessarily concerned with the subject matter but how she captures it. With a background in Graphic and Digital Design I don’t just search for the everyday streetscapes, urban scenes, offices and suburbia that I loves. It’s about looking for something that fits an aesthetic, it’s about being able to find the particular composition and being able to bring it to life with the saturation of colour, weird angles and things that the ‘normal’ person would walk past without even noticing.

My process is relatively natural; I avoid using any computer manipulation and will sometimes end up with multiple (10-20) of the same shot just to get the right colours and cropping. This, I feel makes her really think about what I’m taking a photo of, but also helps me with what she wants to produce; the beauty, colourfulness (or lack thereof) and strangeness of everyday life. Sometimes even giving these usually normal situations and composition a strangely surreal feel.

Here I’ll pst about upcoming events, new outings with my camera and whatever takes my fancy when it comes ato Photography, Music, Art and sometimes food!

In the meantime check out my photography website here and my design website here.